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What does ATTP mean for warehousing?

SAP ATTP, or rather SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceutical, is a solution
designed to support the new global legislation regarding tracking of pharmaceutical
products. This legislation requires that medicine or medical equipment must be traceable
and validated, which means manufacturers are responsible to prove that medicine is the
original and authentic chemical it claims to be.

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1          VISIBILITY The use of the word “Visibility” over time; As systems get larger and more complex and more automated, there is a growing trend

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Argon SCS ten years down the line: Who are we and where are we going?

Our humble beginnings saw a group of consultants working in logistics and SAP (systems, applications and products) environments. We saw a gap in the market where SAP was going to release a new Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) solution offering key features that we knew most customers would rely on in the near future.

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