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The industry leader in state-of-the-art execution solutions.

Argon SCS is strategically positioned to provide SAP solutions and services that maximise success in your industry.

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The Argon Mission

We leverage a very close working relationship with SAP to maintain market leading knowledge that delivers value for our customers.

Argon SCS has multi-industry experience resulting in adaptive cross industry knowledge within the Supply Chain Execution space.

While other companies offer the full suite on multiple system platforms, we choose to focus on the SCE arena within the SAP platform, and this has resulted in us being leaders in the space

Building meaningful relationships with our customers and providing comprehensive SAP capability, we render the maximum value to our clients and so doing allowing them to leverage value from their investment.

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Maximise Your Industry Success

Let us help you realise further supply chain efficiencies and cost reductions.

Our SAP Supply Chain Execution consultants not only play a key role in the implementation but in many cases a strategic role, in working with our customers. Their expert knowledge, work ethic and attitude will enable you to realise further supply chain efficiencies and cost reductions, while delivering solutions that your users can operate.

SAP Services

We specialise in SAP services that deliver maximised operational efficiencies.

Optimization Design

We have proven capability of delivering complex solutions within tight deadlines.

Optimization Managed Service

Our strategic intent is focussing on supply chain execution using SAP.

Project Specific Services

Combine our focus with an absolute passion for your product.

Growing Base of Satisfied Clients